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Our Mission

The Mount Hope Housing Company is a 501 (c) (3) community development organization providing affordable housing, youth services, employment, job training, real estate development, and asset building programs to residents of the Mount Hope community in the Bronx. Mount Hope aims to develop, educate, and empower community residents while invigorating and investing in the neighborhood infrastructure and physical space. Mount Hope is a premier nonprofit in the “business” of community development fostering community growth and sustainability.

Resurgent Builders

Resurgent Builders, LLC is a minority owned company, which is formed to provide expertise general construction services in areas of construction management, real estate and real estate development. Resurgent Builders’is dedicated to providing quality construction services that focuses on workforce development with a full range of highly skilled workers to meet specialized needs of diverse clientele. Headquartered in the Northwest section of the Bronx, this company provides services to the tri-state area.Resurgent’s unique ability to train, and match available local personnel with seasoned trade persons gives us a competitive edge in price.

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