Apply for Housing

Mount Hope Housing Company manages 32 buildings and more than 1200 affordable housing units. If you would like to Apply for Housing, please refer to the procedure below.


Application Procedure


Please follow the steps below to ensure your application is processed in the most efficient manner.


Step 1: Meet the minimum income and credit score

To be eligible for housing at Mount Hope, you must first meet the minimum income and credit score requirements:

You must make at least $22,000
Your credit score must be 550 or higher

Step 2: Complete Leasing Application

If you meet the minimum requirements, then you may complete a leasing application. If you are interested in applying for housing, you may pick up an application from the management office (2003-05 Walton Ave Bronx, NY 10453) between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. or call (718) 583-7017.

You may also download the documents:

* Leasing Application
* Income Verification Form
* Information Release Form

Step 3: Gather all Required Documentation

In addition to the required forms, you must also submit required documentation. The required documents are listed below. You may also download them here.

* Required Documentation List


Step 4: Schedule An Appointment For Review

Once you have completed the application and gathered all your required documents, please call the management office at (718) 583-7017 to schedule an appointment to review your application. The purpose of the review is to ensure you have all necessary documents and determine if you are eligible for housing


Step 5: Get Matched With An Apartment

If you are eligible for housing, you will be matched with an appropriate apartment (if available) within six months.


* Section 8 accepted
* Applications are held for 6 months. If applicants are not matched with an apartment in that period, they must reapply.
* Applicants are put on a wait list only after their application and ALL required documentation has been submitted and approved.

Required Documentation

Your application cannot be processed until ALL of the following documents, as applicable, are submitted to the Mount Hope Housing Company, Inc. Leasing and Compliance Department:

Identification Verification

1) One of the following: –Driver’s License –State ID –Passport –P.A. Photo ID
2) Two (2) Letters of Personal Reference

Employment/Income Verification

3) Two (2) most recent Paycheck Receipts (one month period)
4) Employment Verification Letter from Current Employer
5) Employment Income Verification form
6) Current W-2 form(s) or Income Tax Return

Residency Verification

7) Copy of Current Lease (whether or not Applicant is Primary Tenant on Lease)
8) One of the following: –Letter from Current Landlord verifying residency –Notarized Letter from Primary Tenant verifying residency
9) Last six (6) months’ Rent Receipts
10) Last two (2) consecutive, paid Utility bills
11) Last two (2) consecutive, paid Telephone bills (home or cell)

Household Composition

12) Birth Certificate for each household member
13) Social Security card for each household member

Credit Information

14) Money Order (preferred) or personal check in the amount of $35.00, payable to Mount Hope Housing Company, Inc. (No cash accepted)
15) Credit Report Authorization form (Signed by Applicant) Assistance/Subsidy Information (if applicable)
16) Public Assistance Photo ID
17) Budget Letter
18) Caseworker’s Name and Telephone Number
19) Proof of S.S.I./Disability (award letters)
20) Section 8 Documents